Scrape expired domains with Ox.


Alert! Alert! Alert! Ox is on sale right now for just $49.99 USD!

What is Ox?

Ox is a domain scraping tool that relies on a method called link rot scraping to find powerful yet forgotten domains that are available for purchase. These expired domains are pure value -- you can pay $30 to $60 for a good one. And Ox gives them to you free.

Run Ox locally

You have total control over where, when, and how Ox runs. Set up a local machine or run it on a server -- the choice is yours.

Powerful proxy system

Ox has a powerful proxy system built in that allows you to put your own proxies in, verify them, time them, and even see what country they're from. You have absolute control over the proxies Ox uses. Never get IP banned again!

Single purchase

Buy Ox once, own it forever. Unlike most other scraping tools, there are no monthly fees or recurring costs. All the domains you find are yours, for free. And no, we never peek.

Advanced spam filtering

Ox uses advanced spam filters to automatically block most poor sites, so you'll never be left staring at eyesores like and again.

No APIs required

With Ox, you aren't required to purchase any other API keys. As soon as you pay for the tool, you get an instant download, and you can start finding expired domains right away.

Support for Moz statistics

With Ox, you can enter a Moz API account and get the PA and DA for every domain result as it comes. This is a great way to gauge domain quality at a glance.

Customizable export

Ox allows you to export your data as a customizable-format CSV (comma-separated-value) file. You'll be able to fit it into your domain assessment workflow with ease.

Use Namecheap

If you have a Namecheap account, you can plug it directly into Ox for additional, totally hands-free domain verification.


Ox is seriously fast. It can assess anywhere from 500 to 2500 domains a minute, depending on the site you're scraping and your internet connection. That's 150,000 pages an hour.

Configurable behavior

Ox gives you fine-grained control over how and what it scrapes. You can search all the pages on a single, specific site or scrape every link in a directory with equal ease, limit your search or let it run forever, all with just a few clicks.

It's super stable

Unlike most other scrapers, Ox doesn't crash when you look at it funny, or if the planets are aligned just so. We've put a lot of effort into ensuring it's crash-proof, so you can scrape with confidence.

Plus, autosave

Never worry about losing your search again. Ox autosaves as it goes, so if your search is stopped for some reason you can reopen it and pick right back up where you left off.


"Say goodbye to overpriced domains! This tool is easy to use and allowed me to find great domains in no time. The hardest part is sorting through them all to find the best options."

~ Rob B.


"With Oxbow Domains I finally been able to cancel my month to month payments for expensive scraping software. What's more, I don't need VPS anymore and can use free proxies, which works just fine.
It gives me freedom to scrape whenever I want without worrying if it pays for current month. Unbelievable fast and reliable, highly recommended." 

~ koziu


"Over the past 6 months, I've spent nearly $2,000 on domains for a network project I've been building up. Within just a couple of hours of letting this tool run in the background while I worked on other things, I came up with half a dozen solid, spam free domains, with good metrics. And that was on my FIRST TRY with the tool.

This tool is simply AMAZING! I can't stop plugging domains in to see what expired gems are out there, waiting to be uncovered and added to my network.

Finally, a cost effective way to find expired domains without all the work to do it manually. I'm 100% sold and thrilled with the results I'm seeing."

~ Ryan B.

"So far, I’ve been impressed with the Doug’s Ox Scraper. I quickly threw in a URL last night, with a maximum depth of 3, and in UNDER 1 HOUR, the tool checked 193,094 domains and gave me 24 expired ones.

From this list, I found a NICHE RELEVANT TF 20 domain, and a NICHE SPECIFIC TF 10 domain, both clean and unspammed. Rock solid.

This scraper will grant you access to a world of unlimited PBN’s, without the unreasonable costs of online scrapers that charge a recurring fee. It’ll seriously pay for itself within the first few hours of use.

Buy this tool. Tell your SEO friends to buy it too. Why? Because organic rankings are meant to be cheap, and they have since deviated from that ideal. The Ox scraper will bring you back to the good old days of cheap SEO, so that you can transcend even the greatest ranking challenge.

(By the way, I am not affiliated with this tool in any way. This tool is really good)."

~ DrZhao

"Hey Doug...let me say again that I really like this tool. Its easy to use even for a newbie like me, and I found all kinds of domains in no time. I like the addition you made to check the API status, very helpful to know if everything is working right.

The hardest part is going through all the domains to find the best options. Thanks for making this available."

~ Rob


"I'm running my first seed URLs now. I have to say the interface is very clean and you only see the information you need - that's great...I think it's awesome - no crashes, everything works."

~ Stanislav