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~ Rob B.


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~ koziu


"Over the past 6 months, I've spent nearly $2,000 on domains for a network project I've been building up. Within just a couple of hours of letting this tool run in the background while I worked on other things, I came up with half a dozen solid, spam free domains, with good metrics. And that was on my FIRST TRY with the tool.

This tool is simply AMAZING! I can't stop plugging domains in to see what expired gems are out there, waiting to be uncovered and added to my network.

Finally, a cost effective way to find expired domains without all the work to do it manually. I'm 100% sold and thrilled with the results I'm seeing."

~ Ryan B.

"So far, I’ve been impressed with the Doug’s Ox Scraper. I quickly threw in a URL last night, with a maximum depth of 3, and in UNDER 1 HOUR, the tool checked 193,094 domains and gave me 24 expired ones.

From this list, I found a NICHE RELEVANT TF 20 domain, and a NICHE SPECIFIC TF 10 domain, both clean and unspammed. Rock solid.

This scraper will grant you access to a world of unlimited PBN’s, without the unreasonable costs of online scrapers that charge a recurring fee. It’ll seriously pay for itself within the first few hours of use.

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(By the way, I am not affiliated with this tool in any way. This tool is really good)."

~ DrZhao

"Hey Doug...let me say again that I really like this tool. Its easy to use even for a newbie like me, and I found all kinds of domains in no time. I like the addition you made to check the API status, very helpful to know if everything is working right.

The hardest part is going through all the domains to find the best options. Thanks for making this available."

~ Rob


"I'm running my first seed URLs now. I have to say the interface is very clean and you only see the information you need - that's great...I think it's awesome - no crashes, everything works."

~ Stanislav