Q. What kind of URLs should I be putting into Ox?

A. Ox works best on older pages with lots of links. Bonus points if the page is on a personal or non-commercial website -- these kinds of sites are less likely to be well maintained. Well maintained sites regularly have broken links removed from them, and a shiny, clean website will not yield any results. Old blogs are a really good source of expired domains, as are old tutorial sites.

Q. Can I put more than one URL into the search bar?

A. Right now, you can only search one URL at a time, but this is an often-requested feature that is coming soon.

Q. Ox returns domains that are not expired! What is going on, and can I filter out the bad results?

A. The method Ox uses for verifying whether or not a domain is expired by default isn't 100% accurate. Some of the domains returned from a search may not be expired at all. To prevent this from happening, get a Namecheap account and set up its API feature, then enter your API details into the settings panel in Ox (Don't forget to add the IP of the computer Ox is running on to Namecheap's whitelist as well).

When the Namecheap API is enabled, Ox will automatically make requests against Namecheap to determine if each domains available before showing it to you. This method is guaranteed 100% accurate.

If you don't have or don't want to enable the Namecheap API, you'll need to vet the domains by hand. Fortunately, you can use Namecheap's bulk domain availability checker to speed this process up.

Q. Do I need proxies to use Ox?

A. No, you don't -- but after several hundred thousand links have been searched by Ox, my internet provider tends to get a little stuffy and Cloudflare and other CDNs start blocking me. YMMV based on how generous your internet provider is but generally a few hundred thousand is the upper limit you want to be searching from home without proxies.

Q. Ok. Since you said that, I want some proxies. Where can I get them?

A. If you want free proxies, this page is great. If you want to pay for proxies, I've only used one service that I can recommend -- Proxymesh.

Q. Great. I have some proxies. Where do I put them in?

A. There's a proxy input table at the bottom of the settings page. Just enter the IPs and port numbers as you received them (as well as username + password if you're using private proxies), and test them before you begin searching. If any of the proxies fail to resolve or resolve slowly (anything over 1000ms) I recommend not using them in your search, as they will slow it down, possibly severely.

Q. Can I run Ox on a VPS?

A. Sure. In fact, I run Ox on a graphical Windows server with a fast internet connection. It's about four times faster than running Ox at home for me, not to mention it doesn't lock up my local resources, which is nice.

Q. Do you offer support for the Majestic API (CF and TF values)?

A. We do not at this time, but would like to add support for it at some point in the future.

Q. What does the 'Search Root' setting do?

A. The Search Root setting allows you to search all the links out for an entire domain. The domain searched is the root domain of the link entered into the search bar. Search Root is very useful for link indexes or any site with a lot of outgoing links, when you want to search specifically those outgoing links. When this setting is enabled, 'depth' refers to the length of the link chain you follow out from the root domain.

Q. I bit the bullet and bought Ox. What am I going to get and how do I run the software?

A. You'll receive an email shortly containing a download link and your personal activation key. If you've downloaded the trial all you need to do is enter the key once your trial runs out. If you're downloading Ox for the first time, you'll want to follow the download link you received in that email and enter your activation key on that page to download the file. It will be a zip folder containing executables for 32 bit Windows, 64 bit Windows, and 64 bit Mac. There are .exe files in the Windows folders and an app in the Mac folder.

Do not remove the .exe file from the folder it is located in if you are on a Windows machine, as the program will not run if you do. You can create a shortcut to the .exe file if you absolutely must have a way to run the program from outside that folder.

Q. I bought Ox via PayPal, but I haven't received an email from you yet. Now what?

A. PayPal works differently from Stripe, so I will need a little while to create your account and email you your key. Please give me 24 hours from the time you purchased Ox before contacting me. Thank you!

Q. My question isn't here. What do I do?

A. Contact us. ;)